If you’re looking for some travel inspiration or want to learn more about the world from the comfort of your headphones, travel podcasts are a fantastic resource. Here are some of the best travel podcasts to listen to:

  1. “The Budget-Minded Traveler” – This podcast, hosted by Jackie Nourse, focuses on practical tips and budget-friendly travel advice. From solo travel to working abroad, Jackie covers various topics to help listeners make the most of their travel experiences without breaking the bank.
  2. “The Amateur Traveler” – Hosted by Chris Christensen, this long-running podcast features interviews with travelers sharing their experiences from around the world. Each episode focuses on a specific destination, providing useful insights and recommendations for your next adventure.
  3. “Zero to Travel” – Hosted by Jason Moore, this podcast explores different aspects of travel, such as digital nomadism, van life, and long-term travel. Jason interviews experts and shares practical advice for aspiring travelers, making it a valuable resource for those seeking alternative travel lifestyles.
  4. “The Travel Diaries” – Hosted by Holly Rubenstein, this podcast features conversations with well-known figures in the travel industry, including celebrities, journalists, and explorers. Each episode delves into their travel experiences, favorite destinations, and memorable moments.
  5. “Indie Travel Podcast” – Craig and Linda Martin share their personal travel experiences and provide practical tips for independent travelers. From destination advice to money-saving tips, their podcast covers a range of topics to help listeners plan their next adventure.
  6. “Women Who Travel” – Hosted by the editors of Condé Nast Traveler, this podcast highlights the experiences and stories of women travelers. It touches on topics like solo female travel, bridging cultures, and exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations.
  7. “Rick Steves’ Europe” – Known for his popular travel guidebooks and TV shows, Rick Steves shares his insights and expertise through this podcast. He provides practical advice, cultural insights, and destination-specific tips for traveling in Europe.

These podcasts offer a wealth of information, stories, and guidance to inspire and inform your travels. Whether you’re planning your next trip or simply seeking armchair adventures, they are excellent companions for travel enthusiasts.